Staten Island Prescription Drug Safety & Disposal

Many prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet are harmful. 

Rates of unintentional overdose and accidental poisoning in New York City are alarmingly high. In fact, many individuals using heroin report starting with a prescription opioid.

There are several ways to protect your family and friends, including safely disposing or properly destroying your medications. Learn more below.

Staten Island Drug Disposal Locations

On Staten Island, select pharmacies and all NYPD precincts contain drop boxes where you can dispose of old, unused and unwanted medications.

TYSA has worked tirelessly to expand take back locations to pharmacies across Staten Island. Sponsored by Richmond County District Attorney Michael McMahon, MedSafe drug disposal safes have been installed in the following pharmacies:

  • Delco Drugs and Specialty Pharmacy – 3833 Richmond Avenue (Eltingville)
  • Randall Manor Pharmacy – 395 Forest Avenue (Randall Manor)
  • Ocean Breeze Pharmacy – 1817 Hylan Boulevard (Dongan Hills)
  • Super Health Pharmacy – 6400 Amboy Road (Pleasant Plains)
  • CVS Pharmacy – 640 Arthur Kill Road (Great Kills), 1933 Victory Boulevard (Westerleigh), 1361 Hylan Boulevard (Old Town)
  • Walgreens Pharmacy – 758 Arthur Kill Road (Arden Heights), 1551 Richmond Avenue (Bulls Head)

Additionally, you can bring your medications to the following NYPD precincts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no questions asked:

  • 120 Precinct – 78 Richmond Terrace (St. George)
  • 121 Precinct – 970 Richmond Avenue (Granitevlle)
  • 122 Precinct – 1210 Hylan Boulevard (New Dorp)
  • 123 Precinct – 116 Main Street (Tottenville)

Drug Disposal Dos and Don’ts

If you do decide to dispose of your medication, follow these simple rules:

  • DON’T flush medications in the toilet
  • DON’T throw medications directly in the trash
  • DO use drug deactivation pouches
  • DO damage medications by mixing drugs with coffee grinds or cat litter

For more information, download the Partnership for Drug Free Kids Safe Drug Disposal Guide.

About TYSA

The TYSA coalition is a data-driven collaboration aimed at leveraging the power of collective impact to improve behavioral health outcomes for Staten Island’s youth. Through the lens of equity and inclusion, this project seeks to drive major improvements in youth substance use and mental health prevention, treatment, and recovery on Staten Island. TYSA seeks to:

  • Engage diverse communities and constituencies, inclusive of lived experience, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability status and all of the other rich diversity on Staten Island
  • Achieve major gains, not minor improvements
  • Use clear metrics, at the youth, organization, and system-levels
  • Support the success of partner implementers
  • Align and improve efforts to achieve greater collective impact
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel or duplicating existing existing programs
  • Identify and address disparities
  • Identify root causes such as adverse childhood experiences, and support community level change
  • Create a culture of equity in systems and partnerships

Contact TYSA

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