Types of Treatment

Individual and group counseling: Counseling can benefit individuals in both individual and group settings.

Inpatient and residential: This type of treatment takes place in a substance use disorder treatment facility or place with specialized care for substance use disorders. Individuals live on-site for a determined amount of time. Usually, inpatient treatment is short and involves detoxification, or medically managed withdrawal, initial treatment and prepares individuals to continue care in community-based settings.

Outpatient: This is an alternative to inpatient or residential treatment. Individuals attend outpatient programs at regular intervals, depending on the amount determined by the professionals. Intensive inpatient programs generally require participants to come in multiple times per week. Participants that complete intensive outpatient eventually meet less often to sustain their recovery after immediate treatment needs are met.

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Tackling Youth Substance Abuse (TYSA) is a coalition of people and organizations who have come together with a mission to decrease youth substance misuse on Staten Island. The coalition focuses all of its members on using their resources to help one another, and the whole community, combat substance misuse.

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