Resources for Parents

A Note to Parents:

You know your child better than anyone else, so please trust your instincts. Seek help at the first sign that there may be a need to. Love your child enough to take action – it may save their life.
The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Helpline is a toll-free, national Helpline, helping parents whose children are misusing drugs or alcohol take effective action to support their loved one.

To contact the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Parent Helpline:


  • 1-855-DRUGFREE (855-378-4373)
  • Master’s-level counselors ready to help any parent struggling with a child’s drug or alcohol use
  • The trained specialists listen to each caller’s story and then propose a plan of action
  • Calls are free and confidential
  • Phone line open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm ET, but closed weekends and holidays
  • Phone line operators for both English and Spanish


  • Visit Partnership for Drug Free Kids Chat Line
  • Online chat available Monday-Friday, 5 pm – 10 pm ET and Saturday & Sunday, 12 pm – 5 pm ET
  • Online chat available for English only
  • Chats are free and confidential


Can’t chat or call? Fill out the contact form to request a personal follow-up from one of the counselors.


Educating yourself is a step to addressing harmful substance use in your family and community.

Signs that your loved one may be using substances:

  • Abrupt changes in behavior such as declining school work and grades, loss of interest in activities, less honesty
  • Changes in sleeping habits
  • Abnormal health issues
  • Deteriorating relationships with family and/or friends
  • Changes in friends and groups

What you can do:

  • Stay up to date on drug trends by speaking with your child and reading the news
  • Use teachable moments to discuss the facts and risks
  • Know where your child is going, who they are with, and when they will return
  • Network with other parents
  • Keep alcohol and prescription drugs in a safe place
  • Set limits
  • Communicate with your child
  • Get professional help

Tips to help communicate with your child:

  • Clearly communicate the risks
  • Express your disapproval
  • Use “teachable moments”
  • Frequently talk and listen to them about how things are going in their lives

Need help starting the conversation? Here are resources on how to talk to your children or loved ones.

Talk to prevent:

You can also request to host or attend a parent workshop. Through this training, you will learn about signs and symptoms of harmful substance use and obtain the skills to address it through effective communication and education about the risks and protective factors that make kids vulnerable.

To learn more or request a training, contact us.

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